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About Tacoma Power

We've got you covered

Tacoma Power provides electric service to the city of Tacoma, Fircrest, University Place, Fife, parts of Steilacoom, Lakewood, Joint Base Lewis-McChord and unincorporated Pierce County as far south as Roy. That's more than 160,000 customers. View a more detailed map of our territory and others who serve around us.

We have been publicly owned since 1893. We are a division of Tacoma Public Utilities and are governed by a five-member Public Utility Board.

Tacoma Power also owns Click! Network, which provides telecommunications services such as cable television, broadband and wholesale internet services.

Our Mission

Tacoma Power is an innovative, citizen-owned electric utility that generates, transmits and distributes electricity and provides energy and telecommunication services in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

We are committed to provide high-value, competitively priced products and services to our customers through the quality of our employees, and the responsiveness that results from local ownership.

We will continue to serve our customers in Tacoma and neighboring communities and serve new markets to benefit both existing and new customers.

Quick Facts

Basic stats:

  • 180 square miles of service area
  • 783 employees
  • 152,633 residential customers (54% inside city limits; 46% outside city limits)
  • 17,984 commercial customers 
  • 2,341 miles of transmission and distribution lines (1,530 overhead; 811 underground)

Power use:

Average use per household: 12,490 kilowatt-hours per year / 34 kilowatt-hours per day

Average cost per household: $852 per year / $71 per month

Power supply:

Our power supply is 90% hydroelectric power. Of that, 40% is provided by our own hydroelectric power facilities.


45 main/transmisison substations

4 switching stations

49 distribution substations

13 dedicated distribution substations

23 Bonneville Power Administration customer substations

8 generation switchyards 


469 million kilowatt-hour savings (36 residential; 33 commercial/industrial)

$17.3 million investment in customer conservation projects

Tacoma Power paid $10.1 million toward customer conservation projects

Customers paid $7.2 million toward conservation projects 


Value of our fixed assets: $959.8 million

Total operating revenue: $414.4 million

Bond ratings:

  • Fitch: AA-
  • Moody's: Aa3
  • Standard & Poor's: AA

2013 data


Tacoma Power was established in 1893 when the citizens of Tacoma voted to buy the privately owned Tacoma Light & Water Company. Local citizens believed that public ownership and local control would give them a higher caliber of services and the ability to maintain control over them. That decision paved the way for us to build one of the finest and most reliable electric systems in the United States.

Tacoma Power's $15.8 million project to replace the towers and power lines that cross the Narrows waterway is complete. Walk near the site or drive across the Narrows bridge and you'll see the new towers installed in the 3rd quarter of 2006. The two new towers should last 80 years.